Trust and Climate Change: Information for teaching in a digital age

A Climate Change education workshop was held on 3rd March 2020, bringing together climate scientists, educational researchers and teachers. This project builds on a growing collaboration between the ECI (Environmental Change Institute) at the University of Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment, and the Oxford Deanery and Department of Education. Our combined experience provides a very strong basis on which to develop a highly skilled network capable of addressing complex and urgent questions around trust, climate change, and information for teaching in a digital age. The urgency of climate change is acknowledged through the climate emergencies recently declared by institutions, and public responses including youth climate strikes. Through this workshop, which included presentations from Professor Myles Allen, teachers, and a wide range of organisations (see image below for a snapshot of some of these represented), participants engaged with the latest research on climate change, and then collaborated to discuss the most urgent issues that need attention from education research. Together, they critically reviewed climate change teaching resources, and discussed potential research questions that the network will now seek to explore.


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