The Teensleep research project is now recruiting schools

Oxford University is leading research funded by the Wellcome Trust and Education Endowment Forum to find out how delayed school start times and the provision of sleep education for young people affect their academic performance.

We know already that adolescents have a biological predisposition to stay up late and may be sleep deprived. Many adolescents also own devices which could interfere with getting to sleep and are dealing with the stress of exams. Teensleep builds on research showing that a delay in school start times leads to an improvement in GCSE grades and is the largest study ever to assess the effects of both sleep education and a delay in school start times on pupil performance at GCSE.

The project is looking to recruit secondary schools to a randomised control study in which they will be asked either to  delay the start of the school day; or to provide young people with sleep education; or to do both (delay the school start and provide sleep education); or continue as usual. ,  the study. Each school that takes part will receive a financial contribution of £1,000 to acknowledge the time and resources required to participate. Parents and teachers will also gain free access to Sleepio at the end of the study, an online education intervention and cognitive behavioural therapy program clinically proven to help improve sleep.

The below flyer gives further details or you can email and visit to find out more.

Teensleep flyer

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