Teacher Takeaways

Teacher Takeaways are short guides (2 sides of A4) to research that is likely to be of practical use to teachers seeking to develop particular aspects of their practice or to address particular challenges.

Each ‘Takeaway’ provides:

  • a clear summary of research related to particular issues or strategies for developing practice
  • questions to guide teachers’ thinking and help them to make decisions about its potential use in their context
  • two or three suggestions of further reading

In some cases, the research that is being shared has been undertaken by researchers within the Department of Education, often in collaboration with colleagues in schools. In other cases, the guides are intended to provide a short introduction to existing research that members of the Education Deanery have found valuable in their teaching or teacher education work.

Please contact us on oxfordeducationdeanery@education.ox.ac.uk if there is a particular topic for which you would like us to develop a Teacher Takeaway and/or to share with us the ways in which you have used them. 

The first three takeaways are available for download now. We will be adding to them over time.

1. Wait time: how pauses can be used for different purposes in encouraging students to articulate their thinking.

2. Self-video as a tool to support the development of your own practice.

3. Connectedness is related to students’ learning motivation, classroom engagement and good attendance.

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