Religious Education

This is a list of introductory texts originally offered as a starting point to Religious Education PGCE students, and may be useful for experienced teachers who want to improve their own practise.

If you have ideas about an issue that you would like to explore further within Religious Education teaching they provide a useful introduction and can help in directing you towards more specialist or focused literature.

Barnes, P.

Education, Religion and Diversity: Developing a new model of religious education
Routledge, 2014

Barnes, P.

Debates in Religious Education
Blackwell, 2011

Barnes, A., Wright, A. and Brandom, A-M. (eds)

Learning to teach Religious Education in the secondary school
Routledge (second edition), 2008

Bowker, J.

Oxford Dictionary of World Religions
Oxford University Press, 1999

Copley, T.

Teaching Religion: 60 years of religious education in England and Wales
University of Exeter Press (second edition), 2008

Gearon, L.

Religious Education MasterClass
Bloomsbury, 2013
**Also available as an e-book

Gearon, L. (ed)

Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School
Routledge (third edition), 2015

Gearon, L.

On Holy Ground: The Theory and Practice of Religious Education
Routledge, 2013 (Paperback available June 2015)
**Also available as an e-book

Grimmitt, M.(ed)

Pedagogies of Religious Education
McCrimmons, 2000

Jackson, R.

Rethinking religious education and plurality: issues in diversity and pedagogy
Routledge, 2004

Stern, J.

Teaching Religious Education
Continuum, 2006

(various authors and dates)

The Oxford University Press Very Short Introduction series on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

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