Teach Meet Research 2015

Teachers undertaking the Masters in Learning and Teaching at the University of Oxford organised a Teach Meet to report on the first year.


The Teach Meet Research 2015 covered a range of research engagement, which has been stimulated by the Enhanced Masters Programme, PGCE and Action Research Fellowship programmes. Below are the presentations and contact details of the presenters, should you wish to find out more. These are arranged alphabetically according to the presenter’s topic of investigation or research interest.

Anxiety in MFL sixth formers

Kate Thirwall from Cherwell School looked into anxiety with speaking in sixth formers learning Modern Foreign Languages.

Anxiety in the Sixth Form MFL Classroom – Kate Thirlwall

email_icon-sm kthirlwall@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk


Co-operative learning at KS3

Luis Verdejo from Matthew Arnold School investigated into how  introducing a cooperative model into the classroom would affect motivation, understanding, progress made and social skills.

Co-operative Learning – Luis Verdejo

email_icon-sm lverdejo@maschool.org.uk


Mindset and reading strategies intervention for MFL

Laura Molway from Cherwell School and Oxford University, aimed to improve students self efficacy in learning German through intervention training in mindset and in reading strategies.

Mindset and Reading Strategy – Laura Molway

email_icon-sm laura.molway@education.ox.ac.uk


Motivation, use of target grades and their effect

John Robertson from Matthew Arnold School investigated into the awarding of grades and use of predicted grades in relation to levels of Pupil Motivation.

Grades and Pupil Motivation – John Robertson

email_icon-sm jrobertson@maschool.org.uk


Investigating Whole School Procedures through the Use of Audits

Blanche Rabbits from Cheney School carried out an investigation into whole school procedures and linking this to motivation and rewards.

Procedures and Audits – Blanche Rabbits

email_icon-sm brb@cheney.oxon.sch.uk


Overcoming barriers to student learning

Jan Avery Harris from Cherwell School collaborated with Kate Thirlwall to investigate into an optimum learning environment.

Optimum Learning Environment – Jan Avery Harris

email_icon-sm javery-harris@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk

email_icon-sm kthirlwall@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk


Responses in DT Year 10 to “failure”

Stephen Nicholls from Cherwell School investigated into a range of strategies to enhance how Year 10 Students Perceive the Role of ‘Mistakes’ in GCSE Product Design.

Approaching Failure – Stephen Nicholls

email_icon-sm snicholls@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk


Teaching to support retention and recall of knowledge

Tom Boulter from Cherwell School reviewed the book ‘Why Don’t Students like School?’ by Daniel T Willingham.

Why Don’t Students Like School? – Tom Boulter

email_icon-sm tboulter@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk


The impact of using technology in the classroom

Stephen Wawrzyniak investigated into the use of technology in Teaching and Learning and whether this increases levels of engagement.

Technology and engagement – Stephen Wawrzyniak

email_icon-sm swawrzyniak@maschool.org.uk


Trainee teachers views of excellent teaching

Nick Heal from Lord Williams School looked into trainee teachers’ views of excellence in learning and teaching. He is also starting a Radical Pedagogy group and would welcome interest from teachers who would like to join.

Radical Pedagogy – Nick Heal

email_icon-sm n.heal@lordwilliams.oxon.sch.uk

email_icon-sm nicholas.heal@education.ox.ac.uk


Using lesson observation for professional development

Lindsay Alexander from Cherwell School looked into the impact of changes to lesson observation and feedback processes on teachers’ attitudes and practice.

Lesson Observation and Feedback – Lindsay Alexander

email_icon-sm lalexander@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk

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