Research Champions

The progress of teaching and learning in schools can be enhanced by actively engaging in and with research. Your school will champion change through research by nominating a Research Champion who will work with OUDE academics to:

  1. support teachers engaging in small-scale research, tackling priority issues; and
  2. make important research accessible and useful in practice across the school.


A Research Champion benefits your school by:

  • Identifying and engaging with research that addresses your school’s current concerns;
  • Accessing the University’s library resources, including current online publications, and academics’ expertise;
  • Developing effective ways to trial, implement and embed research-based approaches to teaching across your school;
  • Developing and supporting teachers’ own action research;
  • Networking and collaborating with other local schools to exchange knowledge.

Research Champion job description:

  • Engage and support other teachers in school carrying out small-scale research projects.
  • Create opportunities for all staff to share and make effective use of relevant research.
  • Contribute to the direction of the Deanery and shape new research projects in partnership with OUDE and other local Research Champions.

The Deanery provides the Research Champion and those they support with expert guidance in using research to improve their own teaching and pupils’ learning.

For a list of current Research Champions, by school, click here.

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