Issues of Social Justice

Below is a list of introductory texts dealing with issues of social justice in teaching, originally offered to University of Oxford PGCE students for the course’s Professional Development Programme. These may also be useful starting point for experienced teachers who want to improve their own practice.

Cummings C, Laing, K., Law J, McLaughlin J, Papps I, Todd, L. and Woolner, P. (eds)

Chapter 3 “Can interventions change educational attainment by impacting on attitudes?” in Can Changing Aspirations and Attitudes Impact on Educational Attainment? A Review of Interventions.
Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2012

Gorski, P. C.

Perceiving the Problem of Poverty and Schooling: Deconstructing the Class Stereotypes that Mis-Shape Education Practice and Policy
Equity & Excellence in Education 45:2 (pp.302-319), 2012
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Evans, G.

Educational failure and working class white children in Britain
Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

Arshad, R., Wrigley, T., and Pratt, L.

Social justice re-examined: dilemmas and solutions for the classroom teacher
Trentham, 2012

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