Using museums to improve the engagement and cultural literacy of pupil premium students


Anne-Marie Wavell, King Alfred’s Academy


The aim of the inquiry was to ‘study the engagement of (Key Stage 4) PP students in culture and to introduce them to some of their local history’. It was inspired by research evidence about the  importance of cultural visits to disadvantaged students who have gone on to achieve highly (Sammons, P; Toth, K; & Sylva, K, 2015 Subject to Background What promotes better achievement for bright but disadvantaged students?)  A survey of 108 students revealed that 40% of PP students had never visited museums or places of historical interest. The project included a range of elements including an opportunity to watch historical documentaries together, encouragement to share their own interests in short reports to the rest of the class and a visit to the town’s local history museum. All the students Year 10 students who participated were positive about the museum visit – which prompted a much more extensive programme to be developed with the museum for incoming Year 7 PP students.

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