Developing students’ self-regulation

Jan Avery Harris in collaboration with Kate Thirlwall, Cherwell School

Jan’s investigation looked into moving students from teacher-dependency to becoming agents in their own learning and considered interventions and strategies to facilitate this shift without adding to teacher burden. Data were collected using video clips, reflective diaries, simple, short questionnaires, notes from interactions with students, student work, and feedback from students. The investigation found that 1) students’ ‘language of learning’ changed – increasing numbers of student questions were asked regarding how to improve the quality and quantity of their work; 2) calmer, more purposeful classroom working environments developed; 3) there was a decrease in off-task behaviour in the latter stages of projects and students resolved disputes in a more positive way; 4) some affective barriers to learning were diminished or removed completely and there was increased resilience as students displayed less defensive attitudes when learning tasks stalled or failed; and 5) student accountability increased – both student-teacher and student-student

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