Research Activities

Research is organised into a number of themes: Assessment and feedback; behaviour for learning; Learner engagement and motivation; Specific classroom strategies; Subject specific projects; Teacher learning and development; Working with different learners; Young people’s experience and perspectives. You can explore some of our research in this section.

Within each area the research is grouped according to the type of project and scale of the research:

  • Action Research Fellowships: brief reports of small-scale projects carried out by individual teachers with some guidance from academic researchers within the Oxford Education Deanery.
  • Enhanced Masters: reports of research and development projects conducted by teachers within partner schools as part of the Masters in Learning and Teaching.
  • Deanery Collaborations: research projects conducted by academic researchers working in collaboration with partner schools, shaped by schools’ concerns and supported by their Research Champions.
  • University Research: news or summaries of research conducted by academics within the Department of Education or the wider University that may be of direct relevance to local schools.

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