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Hitting the Mark:
Classroom based research into marking

 This is a call for research papers on school-based research projects to be published. Interested? Read on!


(Eds. Velda Elliott and Katharine Burn, Oxford University Department of Education)

Two years ago researchers from Oxford led the EEF review into written marking called A Marked Improvement?. One of the difficulties with the evidence base on written marking is that many studies are small, classroom based innovations and research projects which do not enter into the literature so others cannot find out what has been done. We know that since the publication of A Marked Improvement? many schools and colleagues have used the report as the basis for changing marking and evaluating the impact on learning and workload. 

We are inviting submissions for an edited open access collection of research papers to be published online next year. If you have completed a school based research project into marking (as an individual, a department or a school) we would like to hear from you. We welcome papers based on research conducted for masters coursework. All submissions will be peer reviewed and formative feedback given.

Papers should be 5-6000 words long and include: contextual information; a review of any extra literature used about the specific intervention or change; description of the intervention or change; a description of the data used to evaluate the intervention or change; a findings section with up to 4 main points to be drawn from the research and supporting evidence; a conclusion. Since this is an online only publication we welcome illustrations of any kind; please make sure you have permission to publish, for example if you use photographs of student work. You will retain copyright in your article but will give us permission to publish it.

Please email papers to by September 30th 2018. All papers will be reviewed by December 15th and final versions will be due by April 22nd 2019. Hitting the Mark will be launched before the end of the Summer Term 2019.

Velda Elliott


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