Oxford Research TeachMeet

15 Norham Gardens, Oxford

Chair: Professor Anne Edwards

From 17:00 until 19:00

At Seminar Room A, Oxford University Department of Education

Would you like to use research to make a difference to the way you teach or the way your students learn?

From investigating pupil voice, to small-scale action research, to Masters-level interventions and beyond; Teach Meet Research aims to share as many ideas as possible from teachers who are using evidence-based practice to improve learning and teaching in their schools.

Share your experiences of the positive impact of research by signing up below to present (2 minutes or 5 minutes) or come along to hear more about how to do this in your classroom...

This free event will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators and educational researchers. To sign up please follow the link http://www.cherwell.oxon.sch.uk/otsa-teachmeet.php or email tmresearch@cherwell.oxon.sch.uk.

Limited places.

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