Effective Evaluation Programme

The Effective Evaluation Programme is a series of practical workshops that the Deanery is intending to offer to support school leaders and teachers responsible for evaluating new policies or particular initiatives introduced within their schools.

Schools regularly implement new initiatives intended to improve outcomes for students. These may be focused directly on the processes of teaching and learning or more indirectly on the provision of other kinds of student support or administrative processes. Whatever the nature of the innovation, it is essential for schools to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes that are introduced, ensuring that decisions about the best deployment of scarce resources are securely based on valid information. High quality research design, data collection, analysis and reporting are thus important aspects of professional development for teachers – aspects that the Deanery is exceptionally well positioned to support.

The Deanery is therefore offering a series of workshops for teachers and senior leaders with specific responsibility for evaluation of particular initiatives. We anticipate that in many cases participants will focus on initiatives associated with the use of Pupil Premium funding, but schools should obviously determine their own priorities.

It is intended to be a practical course in which participants apply the principles and strategies explored in each of the sessions to their particular focus, working with their own data and with scope to ask questions and share any problems arising. For this reason the workshop series will be spaced across the summer and autumn terms, with sessions held after school (from 5.00 to 7.00pm) in May, June and September, allowing participants to make use, where relevant, of summative assessment data from public examinations.

The Effective Evaluation Programme will be offered free of charge to members of the Deanery. Details (including dates of each session) are still being finalised and we would welcome feedback on the proposal or any specific suggestions for its development.

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