Developing teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge: a whole school intervention

Edwin Garavito Munoz

The project focused on a) the impediments that teachers faced in the virtual learning environment; b) the ways in which blended learning worked in different subjects to support students’ learning; c) how Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPCK) worked as a whole school approach.

This intervention used the TPCK framework (a) to help understand how teachers responded to the potential offered by digital technology, a new learning platform and a focus on adopting ‘blended’ approaches to teaching and learning, and (b) to guide the development of a training programme to support teachers. The training was conducted with three colleagues, who in turn delivered training to other colleagues in their own subjects.

Overall, the subject-based approach to training by visiting each department separately rather than training all teachers in one setting, was regarded as valuable by teachers. While many teachers felt inclined to take advantages of the technological tools, they were hindered by the lack of adequate hardware and still faced challenges in securing students’ engagement. Increasing teachers’ TPCK does not automatically promote students’ engagement. The role of those in leadership positions was found to have a greater impact than expected on the way in which teachers engaged in new practices made possible by the VLE.

Download project file here

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