Wheatley Park School

Research Champion
Katie Clifton, Science Teacher

Katie Clifton, Lucie Jose and Ali Twyford have worked in science and maths to develop assessment systems to diagnose students’ learning needs and to shape their own pedagogies.

The ideas will be shared more broadly with colleagues.

Action Research Fellows
Sarah Young


Sarah undertook a research project on independent learning

Teachers Undertaking Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching

Part I

Annemarie Wintle-Gregory

Engagement of Pupil Premium students

Part II

Nick Bowater


David Crow

The experiences of LGBQ students and teachers within education & issues of homophobia & heterosexism in schools. Including authentic literature in the foreign language classroom

Clare Marsh

Topic TBC

Other interested staff
Katie Jefferys


Katie has looked at students’ motivation for language learning in the context of a social constructivist model of teaching. Essentially, Katie will be looking at whether students are more motivated to learn languages when the learning environment is inherently social.


During the 2015/16 academic year, Katie intends to work on the inclusion of ‘great literature’ into the new MFL national curriculum. This will most likely tie into motivation again, both that of students and teachers, and look at the effectiveness of literature as a vehicle for foreign language acquisition.

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