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Research Champion
Hannah Powell, Head of Performing Arts and a Lead Practitioner
Teachers Undertaking Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching

Part I

Sarah Marcus

How can modelling be used effectively in analytical writing?

Caroline Salter

How can diagrams improve explanatory writing?

Part II

Lesley Nelson-Addy


All Research Projects


One of our main projects at The Oxford Academy is focused on improving the quality of teaching and learning.  As a result we run a 6 week programe entitled TEACH that caters for the needs of those who were NQTs last year, on an assessment only route or QTLS route.

The programe is centered around working in Learning 3s and four key questions that form the basis for all teaching and learning here at the Academy. The principles behind the programme are to develop a deeper level of thinking about teaching and learning and sharing best practice across departments through delivering interactive sessions that provide practical examples that can be used in the class.  This programme was also delivered last year and was extremely successful.

In addition all members of staff have been put into a Learning 3s and 15 teachers have been trained as coaches in order to provide more bespoke support.  This is a new initiative to the school since Christmas and is still in the early stages.

Past projects

As well as running the TEACH programme we also delivered a TEACH+ 6 week programme that was aimed at good practitioners and subject leaders with the aim being to not only improve their own teaching and learning expertise but also to develop it within their subject area.  They worked in Learning 3s on sharing best practice and improving progress made in lessons.

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