Oxfordshire Hospital School

Research Champion
Nicholas Collins, Teacher Adolescent Psychiatric Unit & Educational Visits Coordinator

Past Experience:      I have worked as a mainstream Humanities teacher, before moving into the special school sector. My initial post in the special school sector was a prototype post to conduct targeted interventions to get excluded children in care back into education before taking up my post as a Hospital School teacher. Alongside this, I have carried out targeted revision days and extracurricular engagement activities for vulnerable learners.

Training: I have also delivered supporting mental health in school training to both mainstream and special schools as part of developing, and improving integration practises.

The Army: I have over the last 10 years served as a non-commissioned officer in the Territorial Army and then as an officer in the Special Constabulary. I have also worked as a volunteer teacher in a remote Belizean jungle village and in a Kenyan slum.

All research projects

I have a Master’s in Education focused on strategies to support vulnerable learners integrate back into school. Currently, I’m looking into how starters and learning objectives can be designed to improve engagement for vulnerable learners.

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