Matthew Arnold School

Research Champion
Eluned Harris

I am the Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning at Matthew Arnold School. The current Teaching and Learning priorities at Matthew Arnold School are:  Inclusive Teaching ( high quality first touch inclusive teaching); acting on formative feedback; enhancing subject expertise.

Finally, throughout the school we are promoting a self-reflective  culture that requires teachers and leaders to consistently evaluate “what works”.

Action Research Fellows (by year)
Sammy Palfrey and Karen Griffiths


Title: Self-scaffolding to promote autonomy in foundation Pathway

Karen and Sammy were working with Y7 and 8 children with learning delays, and they created a way of ensuring that the feedback they give helps children move forward and enables other teachers who work with them to give relevant feedback. They produced wipe-clean tabs on which they and the pupils write this week’s learning goals. The tabs become reminders for each pupil and can be seen by other teachers who can encourage student success or give guidance.



Teachers Undertaking the Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching

Part II

Jason Greenwell

Jason Greenwell _matthew arnold_final

Jason is currently researching into how music can be taught through ‘target language’ and effective feedback, for his Enhanced masters project.

Lorna Jordan

Verbal vs. written feedback in Maths.

Luis Verdejo

Luis Verdejo _matthew arnold_final

Luis is currently researching into cooperative learning strategies for his Enhanced Masters Project.

Steve Wawrzyniak

Steve Wawrzyniak _matthew arnold_final

Steve is looking into the effect of different groupings. For example how mixed ability settings have an effect on pupils learning. He is also looking into the impact of staff using     ipads. Both of which are projects linking to his Enhanced Masters.


Part III

Kerry Brandon 

The importance of inclusion in drama education.

John Robertson 

john robertson_matthew arnold_edited

John is looking at motivation and the use of target grades and their effect for his Enhanced masters project.

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