Subject specific projects

This section includes research that relates to teaching, learning, and assessment within specific areas of the curriculum.  In some cases the research is focused on wider issues (e.g. literacy) within a particular subject (e.g. extended writing in science); in others the subject dimension is central (e.g. teaching fractions).

Enhanced Masters

Metacognition: How can it impact learning?

Inclusion in drama

The impact of an extra-curricular programme on HPA students' engagement

Teachers and students' views of single-sex classes

Pupils' perceptions of Geography

The impact of group average feedback on students' views of groupwork

Developing primary teachers' teaching of fractions

Mindset and Reading Strategy Intervention for MFL

Thinking about thinking in Year 8 PRE

Questioning that promotes learning in science

Raising the attainment of lower ability pupil premium boys in geography

Strategies to support long-term retention of learning in science

Making the Philosophy and Religious Education GCSE relevant to secular sceptics

Being a historian: Using online source banks to research experience of historians in the A-level classroom

Boys’ motivation in the MFL classroom

Perceptions of using target language in MFL classrooms

Improving low-attaining students’ outcomes in mathematics at Key Stage 3

Using goal-free problems to improve students’ capacity to work with goal-specific problems in secondary mathematics classroom

To what extent does the use of authentic prompts stimulate spontaneous communication in Key Stage 3 Modern Foreign Languages students?

Investigating Talk Moves in Key Stage 3 Mathematics Classrooms

A study into how to engage parents/carers in language learning in order to motivate young linguistics without causing undue workload for practitioners

Using videos as stimuli to increase students’ confidence in speaking in the Germen language classroom

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