What we know about memory and how we can use that knowledge effectively in education

15 Norham Gardens, OX2 6PY

From 4:30 until 6:00pm

At Seminar Room A, Department of Education

Dr Ann Dowker, Research Lecturer in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford will lead a seminar for teachers, examining the research claims that demonstrate the importance of working memory to the development of reading and mathematics. There have been strong claims about the possibility of training children in working memory to improve their school performance. Ann will talk about the need for caution about whether we can train children in working memory in ways that will really help their progress in school. There is much stronger evidence that we can use what is known about memory to improve children's performance by shaping instruction to avoid over-loading children’s working memory. There is also evidence that regular retrieval practice can be used to strengthen retention and recall. Ann’s presentation will review the relevant research and critically examine suggestions for teaching based on these ideas. 

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