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Carly Francis

I have taught numerous subjects at a post 16 level; BTEC Public Services, BTEC Sport and Exercise Science, BTEC Forensic Science,  Functional Skills English, Foundation Studies, Access to Higher Education, and A level Psychology.

I have been teaching in Further Education for three and a half years. Prior to this I worked for the Ministry of Justice and Prison Service within Forensic Psychology.

As part of my role as a Research Champion, I am currently studying an MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at New Bucks University and work clinically with eating disordered patients.

My previous research experience has been in a Forensic Psychology and clinical capacity as opposed to education, and has predominantly focused on evaluating the effectiveness of interventions.

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All Research projects

The College is interested in the relationship between Mindset and Cognitive Behavioural approaches to learning and learners development and achievement.

It currently has one project ongoing in relation to this, with a view to begin planning additional projects with this focus. The current project is interested in:
Exploring the way that curriculum design impacts on the development of successful learners – Does engagement in an Activate Learning Company develop ‘Grittier’ learners?

In addition to projects that are being coordinated by City of Oxford College, there are also two other projects that are being done as part of Masters degrees/PhD.


This set of resources has been produced and delivered by Carly Francis, a Research Champion at The City of Oxford College.

This powerpoint has been used by Carly to deliver training sessions with teachers.

Growth Mindset training

This is a report produced by the City of Oxford College on Carly’s work on grittier learners.

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