Cherwell School

Research Champion
Jan Avery Harris

Jan Avery Harris is the Research Lead for Cherwell School and her specialism is Dance & Drama. Jan is working with Kate Thirlwall on a Professional Learning Programme for teachers in their second year of practise. The current project aims to look at developing appropriate language and teaching approaches to overcome the barriers created by students’ affective responses to their learning experience.

Teachers undertaking the Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching
Kate Thirlwall 

Part III

Kate is currently working on an Enhanced Masters into Anxiety in language learning, and in particular performance anxiety. She is also exploring the knowledge vs skills deficiency and  barriers to learning with NQTs.

Action Research Fellows


Eloise Clayton and Olivia Sharp 

This ARF project looked into strategies for engagement



2013/14 and earlier

Patrick Garton 

This OCL Fellowship project is about student empowerment through flipped learning.

Laurent LeTexier

OCL Fellowship project  on developing Afl data bases.

 Rae Hancock

Rae is currently completing the OCL Fellowship project on gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues. She is also working on the Farmington Fellowship project.

Lindsay Alexander – Assistant Head

OCL Fellowship project on supporting staff is focused on how lesson observations can be seen as opportunities for productive discussions about teaching and learning.

All Research Projects

Rachel Wallace has studied how the additional literacy tutoring, given to the Year seven pupils who need it, is sustained within mainstream classes.

Tom Hollis worked on pedagogy, in relation to students who are benefiting from pupil premium funding. Tom Hollis has now left Cherwell School.

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