Action Research Fellowship

A fantastic opportunity to work with world-class professionals from the University of Oxford’s Department of Education on a specific priority area. This form of professional development  is open to individual teachers – and indeed TAs –  at all career stages, although it may be of particular value in supporting early career teachers seeking to develop and refine their practice by engaging in, and drawing critically on, research.


The Action Research Fellowship Scheme involves a group of 8-10 teachers (from one school or a small cluster of schools able to work closely together) each addressing a specific issue of concern related to their practice, over the course of two or three terms. The fellowship programme involves:

  • A joint introductory meeting establishing the principles of action research as an approach to professional learning and exploration of participants’ particular concerns;
  • 3 further visits to support individual teachers in their schools clarifying the focus of each project, the strategies to pursue and nature of evidence to collect and analyse;
  • Email and skype/phone support as needed;
  • Suggested reading of 2 or 3 core articles (and further suggestions) with direction;
  • An obligation on the participants to share their findings with other teachers;
  • A final joint meeting to share individual experiences across the group and plan wide dissemination.

Precise costs vary depending on the number of teachers involved in the group but tend to be no more than £500 each.

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Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching

Examples of Action Research Fellowship projects are listed below:

  • developing students’ independence & self-regulation (Science)
  • promoting literacy and use of subject-specific terms (Maths and Science)
  • making lesson observation more productive for teachers’ learning
  • reducing student anxiety (in MFL learning & in Special Schools)

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