The Oxford Education Deanery is a partnership between the University of Oxford and local schools.  Full membership is open to all secondary schools that are part of the Oxford Internship Scheme (our PGCE programme) and that have appointed a Research Champion, but all the materials on this website are freely available to everyone.

The Deanery’s aim is to improve outcomes for local young people by supporting their teachers’ professional learning. This means giving local teachers easy access to relevant, high-quality research, supporting them in conducting their own research and engaging in joint projects through which we can learn from one another.


Teachers in local schools that are members of the Oxford Education Deanery can access a wide range of research-based activities and opportunities, including the Enhanced Masters in Learning and Teaching, the NQT Induction Programme and the Effective Evaluation Programme.

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About the Deanery

Our aim is to work effectively with local schools to improve educational outcomes.

The Oxford Education Deanery facilitates the continuing professional development of teachers at all career stages in local schools by engaging them in research and providing various training courses.

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Deanery Research

There are four types of research in the Deanery: Teachers carrying out Action Research; teachers on the Masters course conducting research in their schools; research by academics in collaboration with the Deanery, and research conducted more widely within the University of Oxford that is relevant to teachers.

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